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We take care of all the flight/shipping arrangements for all our customers. All you have to do is pick up your Puppy at your nearest airport on the same day within 3 to 5 hrs. Simple and Safe! We only ship through the airlines! (Details & FAQ's below)

    We will coordinate flight times with our customer a few days in advance before the Puppy is being shipped (weather permitting).  The customer is supplied with the airline, flight number(s), air waybill/tracking number, and flight arrival time prior to departure.  It is recommended that the customer arrive at the airport no later than the expected flight arrival time so that your Puppy is not waiting at the airport for any length of time.  

    We will contact our customer once again on the day of shipment before the Puppy departure our aviary. A return call, text or e-mail to  letting us know that the Puppies) arrived safely is greatly appreciated.

    All sales are final when the Puppies are shipped. There are no returning the Puppies. We have a 24 hour limit of notification, after deliver of the Puppies, of any death at the point of delivery, specified on the order. Immediate inspection is necessary to insure damage didn't occur during shipping and the Puppies are alive at delivery. We will replace the dead Puppy or refund the cost of the Puppy one time, but not the shipping cost.

    Shipping charges generally range between $250 – $375 nationwide.  

    Any Puppy that leaves our aviary must be paid in full before the Puppy is shipped.

    We offer shipping within the U.S. We do NOT offer international shipping to any other country.


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